Subversion repository

From 26th April 2011, the repository is the only place to obtain code for version of SUMS and related projects.

These instructions assume you are using NetBeans.

Setting up NetBeans to access the repository

  1. Select Team -> Subversion > Checkout...
  2. The repository URL is
  3. For this to work:
    1. You will need to be a registered Kenai user (please use your email address when registering)
    2. I will need to invite you on to the project
  4. Once you are connected successfully it will allow you to browse the repository.

Structure of the repository

/trunk The "approved" version of the code. Anything commited here must compile and run.  
  /SUMS2011   You may commit files in these projects unless they may affect other concurrent users
/branches Working code - one branch per user (usually). The branch owner is responsible for deciding whether code commited here needs to be able to run or not. Only the owning user should commit to a particular branch
/tags Archived versions of particular sub-projects (one per release, usually) Only Jim has write access to the tags
  /JimApp20 JimApp20.jar is code shared by a number of Jim's Java projects Talk to me if you think you have a need to alter any of the files in these projects.
  /JimStruts2 JimStruts2.jar is code shared by a number of Jim's (now obsolete) Struts2 projects  

Everybody is allowed to read from any directory within the repository. Read the documentation on what Subversion means by a copy, commit or import. Anything you want to do you should be able to do using the NetBeans version control commands.

Frequently asked questions (I wish!)

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